Planning a Meeting

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Make all of the plans for a four-day meeting. They will be twelve out-of-town guest, one out of town VIP, and four in-town participants. Submit a detailed list of the plans. * To plan a meeting the first thing I need to know is the schedule of the participants in the meeting. To do that I need to have on hand the schedule of the people involve or contact the person in charge of this information. With that info on hand I will propose a tentative days and hours. * I choose the type of meeting it will be (seminar, workshop, training program, conference or speech). The order of the meeting (who will be the speakers, their turns, the moderators, ). Decide the topics as narrowed as possible. The program format (e.g., half-day seminar, two days’ workshop). Decide the program times (e.g., Saturday 9:00 to noon or Tuesday through Thursday 2 sets of two hours each). * Plan the meeting material needed and designing the program. * Prepare the budget and be sure who is going to pay for the meeting, and how: cash, check, credit card or direct billing. * Decide the city or resort area.

* Choose hotel, conference center or other site. Make reservations for the conference and be sure it will be available for the day and the time needed. * Sample food or beverages and order meals (if any) from hotel or caterers. * Place orders for: Signs from hotel at the entrance and at the specific room. Video equipment.

Tables for material.
* Send confirmation/contract request letter to hotel
* Decide the seating plan.
* Make travel arrangements for the out-of-town participants, the VIP, my boss, and myself. * Contact hotel to finalize the attendance count and confirms reservations and other arrangements for the out-of-town participants. * Arrange transportation for the out of town attendees and a map and information about ground transportation to out of town people. * Check the handouts,...
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