Planning a Good Trip

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Plan a trip with a friend

Last semester, our department had chance to participate Membership Training trip(MT), so we had to plan it. Therefore, our Freshman Student Representative volunteered for it and we went on a trip with great expectations. However, we came across many difficulties. We almost starved due to lack of food, and the pension was too small and old. What's worse, we even couldn't play outside because it was raining all day long! We realized the importance of plan a trip well by that case.

People go on a trip for many reasons. If we want to have a trip which has good memories, we'd better plan it correctly. Planning the trip will not only ensure us get there easily, but also help us to save money. A person who is interested in going a good trip with friends may want to follow these steps to planning a good trip.

First, choose a destination. We need to choose suitable destination in order to reduce travelling expenses. For example, it's good to go abroad if we want to have a more exciting experience. Otherwise, going to our country's attractions can also be a good choice. In my case, a most suitable place was took about an hour to get there by subway. The most important thing is choosing a destination which most of our friends are satisfied with. Second, collect our friends. Holidays with friends can be great fun and a good way of getting to know each other better. Work out how many people we will be able to plan the trip for. If we want to travel abroad, it's better to plan for a smaller group. Aim for at most about 15 people to avoid too much stress and keep lodging arrangements easy. If not, find how many people are interested in the trip and persuade friends as much as possible. By doing that, we can prepare proper amount of food or transport seat.

Last, the third step is booking transport so that will makes for a lower cost. Booking as soon as we find ideal transport such as bus, train...
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