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Topics: Fur trade, Fort William Historical Park, First Nations Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 26, 2013
eld trip‎PLANNING A FIELD TRIP – Maria Lynn Tassone
Grade 6 – First Nation Peoples and European Explorers

Specific Expectation
* Describe the expansion of European influence through the founding of the first trading posts (e.g. Fort William) and explain how the fur trade served the interests of both the Europeans and the First Nation peoples.

Location: Fort William Historical Park

Field Trip Planning Check List

* Set your goals and learning objectives- what are the students going to learn? How are they going to learn it? How will we know and they know if they have learned it? * Pick the location of the field trip

* Pick the date of the field trip
* Ask permission from the school principal
* Book your program with the host organization or facilitator and tell them about the best time and way to communicate with you. * Student waivers.
* Transportation forms-- bus, parent drivers or walking. * Field trip itinerary.
* Emergency procedures.
* Program payment procedures.
* Order, purchase or ask for supplies as needed.
* Complete any questionnaires and/or forms and send to organization or facilitator. * Arrange for chaperones
* Do in-class field trip prep as established with your field trip support people. Studies show that students learn more with pre and post field trip work. * Prepare name badges for students and organize “buddy systems”. * Do a site visit to avoid any surprises and get familiar with the location. * Get a map that includes the site layout plus parking, washrooms, food areas, picnic sites etc. * Arrange lunch or meal plans

* Check-in with your field trip host several days in advance to confirm objectives for the field trip, meeting time/location, parking, snack/lunch procedures, and any outcomes of your discussions. * Identify who does what, and who leads whom where, once you are on site. * Share your...
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