Planning to Spend a Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

Topics: Stay, Movie theater Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: September 21, 2011
Compare and Contrast
Staying in to watch a movie vs. going out to watch one
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the sun was shining, the flowers were blooming, and me my boyfriend were in the house debating on whether we were going to go out to watch a movie or if we were going to stay in the house and watch the movie. I wanted to go out because it was a beautiful day and we had already stayed in the house all week and he wanted to stay in the house to save some money because financially we were not where we wanted to be at the moment. Some of the benefits to going out to watch the movie are: •Being able to go out for the experience.

The movie is twice as better in the theatre.
There is more excitement when watching the movie in the theatre. •Building memories.
I am the type of person, where I like to go out for the experience and building memories. Life keeps moving every second, memories and pictures are all we have to remember the past experiences. What we done in the past and who we did it with. So building memories and taking a lot of pictures is what I like to do. I also like watching movies in the theatre because it seems twice as better. The picture is better and bigger, there are more and better surround sounds. Mainly, there are no distractions in the theatre, especially if you have a lot of people living with you in your house. The kids can also be a main distraction too. Plus going out about once a week keeps a person sane rather than staying in the house all the time. That can drive a person crazy. Some benefits to staying home and watching the movie are: •Saving money because it’s about 10-15 dollars per person. •Saving money on buying the popcorn and snacks.

Being able to snuggle while watching the movie.
My boyfriend is the money management type of person. He feels that we should not spend money on something unless it was needed and necessary. He feels we should stay in and watch movies because we...
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