Planning the Research Design

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Planning the Research Design
SWOT Analysis: A Study on NCCBL
National Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC Bank) is a commercial bank that provides commercial banking services through its 48 branches throughout Bangladesh. It offers services such as automatic teller machine (ATM) and credit cards (local, international and dual), brokerage house services, deposit services, electronic money transfer service, loans and advance services, remittance services and treasury services. The bank primarily operates in Bangladesh, where it is headquartered in Dhaka. The bank's net profit was BDT. 882.28 million (approximately $13.1 million) in fiscal year 2008.


The objective of the research paper is to analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) of National Credit and Commerce Bank (NCC Bank). That is, to get a picture of NCCBL’s positioning in the market to assess its adaptability and resilience in short and long-run.

Learning Objective

After completion of SWOT Analysis for NCCBL, important factors affecting its profitability, adaptability and resilience should be easily identified. This research should help the top management to prioritize amongst different tasks and make more comprehensive and informed decisions.

Data Collection

Both primary and secondary data will be used to complete this research. As far as generating ratios and calculation is concerned, we may use secondary sources like prospectus, annual report, website, newspaper, magazine etc. However, as SWOT analysis is a strategic report, it should not be limited to mere calculations only. Ratios can be taken as indicators but overall assessment should come judgmentally from the bank management and market experts. Thus, bank management personnel and market experts will be interviewed to get their thoughts on the bank’s performance and critical factors and to know about the bank’s future plan.

Data evaluation

Any data collected from either primary or...
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