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The Planning Function of Management
Corporate America did not become who they are today by hiring vast numbers of random employees, but by hiring proven managers who can effectively implement successful plans to meet the Corporate objectives. Management is responsible for and is evaluated on how well they meet the organizational objectives through the effective and efficient use of resources. A manager is evaluated by his or her performance of getting the objectives achieved efficiently and effectively through the use of subordinate employees. Management is evaluated on their supervisory ability to use the four functions of management to achieve the organizational objectives. There are three levels of management which include top-level, middle-level and front-line managers and they all participate in the first function of management, the planning function. Differences in planning at different levels of management:

Top-level managers have executive positions with titles such as: Chairman of the Board, CEO, President and Vice President. Most organizations have only a few top-level managers they should have human and conceptual skills. These individuals are responsible for developing and defining the organization's purpose, objectives, strategies and long-term plans. They report to the organization's board of directors or owners. They supervise the middle-level managers and are responsible for the development and execution of the strategic plan, but do not usually implement it personally. This is called strategic planning and it involves analyzing areas such as finance, Human Resources and marketing to determine the capacity of the organization to meet its objectives. It involves creating a mission statement and setting long term objectives which are usually set to a five year plan. Top-level managers must review and revise the plans continually. Middle-level managers have titles such as: Branch Manager,...

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