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Planning and KSAOs

By rhall1973 Apr 20, 2014 1075 Words
a. Their Planning Process
During the fiscal year, October 1st through September 30th, Grant Medical Center reviews the needs of the business from a historic approach along with the successes and opportunities from the prior year. These strengths and opportunities are used in planning for the next year and subsequent years from an estimated budgetary perspective. Planning occurs annually in addition to a five-year projection ased on prior year trending and monitoring fiscal responsibilities.

b. How they determine KSAOs
Grant Medical Center, part of the Ohio Health network works to ensure that people align with the corporate mission and values. The reason behind this is to ensure that no matter what OhioHealth facility a customer walks in to, they are always treated exactly the same way. Depending on the position, multiple written tests, hands on training and skills labs can be used to ensure the employee is the right fit for the position and to the organization. All employees are given a 90-day probation period. If the employee fails to meet the stands of the company the employee can be terminated.

The interview below was conducted with Shelly Adams, RN, BSN, and a department manger working for Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Shelly oversees the 9th floor, medical/surgical unit and has been with Grant Medical Center for 11 years. In the role of Nurse Manager, she plays a vital role in all HR practices and partners with her human resource business partner as needed. Describe your company

What business are you in?
Healthcare, Grant Medical Center a member of the Ohio Health organization. How many employees do you have?
What is the company mission and values?
Mission is to improve the health of those we serve.
Cardinal value is to honor the dignity and worth of each person. What is the company strategy for the next three years?
To expand access and to provide the most affordable healthcare in Ohio. What is the HR strategy for the next three years?
Working to ensure that high quality associates are recruited; hire the best of the best; and when hiring nurses, a 4-year, Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is preferred. In the near future, a bachelor’s degree will be the requirement. Describe whom you hire.

Position descriptions, requirements for the position, and the number of employees currently in those positions. Note: Collect information on at least three positions.

Registered Nurse (55)
Position Summary
This position provides nursing care to patients and families along the health-illness continuum while collaborating with the health care team. The RN is accountable for the practice of nursing as defined by the state statutes. The RN delegates nursing tasks to licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and unlicensed assistive personnel (UAPs) using the criteria written in the Ohio Nurse Practice Act. Requirements

Graduate from an accredited school of nursing. Must hold a current registered nurse license from the State of Ohio. BLS Certification. Patient Support Assistant (20)
Position Summary: Assist licensed clinicians in the provision of direct and indirect patient care on assigned unit. Required to manage patient information and ensure effective clinical workflows and documentation in the electronic medical record (EMR). Part time evening shift PSA position on a busy orthopedic tele unit. Tasks include vital signs, blood glucose monitoring, EKG, weights, Patient care (feeding, bathing, toileting) duties etc. Every other weekend and Holiday rotation commitments required. Evenings and shifts worked vary. Requirements

High School Diploma or GED. CPR certified.
Food Service Worker I (20)
Position Summary: The Food Service Worker I is responsible for the set-up, service, and cleanup of all aspects of food service. Responsibilities may include any one or all of the following tasks: working tray line, general cleaning and sanitation, emptying trash, washing pots and pans, maintaining storeroom, putting away food service deliveries, organization stock and initiating process for appropriate inventory replenishment. Required to perform job duties in compliance with regulatory and operation standards. Requirements

Up to one month related experience or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Must be able to read, write, understand verbal/written instructions and be able to perform basic math calculations.

What is the hiring philosophy for the organization?
Hire for behavior and ensure that employees fit the culture; Are certain types of employees hired?
No, anyone who meets the qualifications and has a good behavioral interview and has a strong commitment to quality service. What are the company's culture KSAOs? (Does the company hire for certain company characteristics?) Ensure that people align with the corporate mission and values so that no matter what OhioHealth facility a customer walks in to, they are always treated exactly the same way. How is planning for staffing done at this company?

During the fiscal year, review the needs of the business, from a historic approach and plan for the next fiscal year based on prior year trending and monitoring fiscal responsibilities. How are requirements for positions determined?

Reviewed frequently with the HR department to ensure consistency amongst the organization. How is recruiting done for these positions?
Relationships with local colleges, which have nursing programs. The colleges are provided with sites for clinical training. Is a company web page used? Yes. How is it used? Hiring, training, ongoing communication to the staff on a consistent basis and for information sharing. How are resumes, applications, reference checks, and initial interviews used for these positions? Initially screened by the HR department to see if qualifications s are met. If met, review for preferences (bachelor’s degree). Next, HR will make an appointment for additional screening for the first interview. Once passed, the hiring manager then completes an interview. Finally a peer interview is completed with a small group of front line employees. How are subsequent interviews used? Multiple interviews are used throughout the hiring process to ensure the most qualified applicant is hired. How are tests used? After the applicant has been hired, the employee is sent to a one week, off-site orientation and is tested for their skills and knowledge base. Next, the individual is assigned multiple online courses for the employee to complete. How are people selected for these positions? By using a thorough screening and interview process. Does the company use an HRIS? If so, for what functions? Yes. This system is used for housing user names and passwords. This also polices the use of the Internet and computer usage to ensure no breach of confidentiality or use of resources.

S. Adams (Personal Communication April 2, 2014)

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