Planners Lab vs Ex

Topics: User interface, Graphical user interface, Usability Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: May 6, 2013
1. User friendliness:
The Planners Lab definitely has a friendly user interface. It uses drag-and-drop methods which makes it easy to create charts and add/remove values from them. It also uses simple English words such as Total Inventory and Net Income which makes it easier to read models. However, when I make some changes in model, I can’t see the results until go to the playground area because they are separated. In the Planners Lab we can write easy and understandable formulas in English language to construct models. More over equations and assumptions are simple to understand.

Errors are reduced in planner’s lab because it references variable names rather than cell names. Furthermore, discovering mistakes in the model is very easy. You only need to click “Validate Model” button to find the mistakes in the model. Temporary changes can be made in equations to answer what-if and goal-seeking questions without changing the model permanently. Goal seeking function can be performed on data very easily as well as drawing charts. 2. Main functions of the user interface:

The basic functions of the Planners Lab are:
. Assumption description language or model-building language. . Options to visualize answers to what-if and goal-seek questions, i.e., witness changes in assumptions. By using those two functions business managers can build, evaluate and manipulate assumptions related to decision making scenarios.

The Planners lab solves questions about what-if goal-seek scenarios with immediate answers in well-constructed visuals. Visualization has two options which are interactive or sophisticated dashboards for interactive executive presentations. Both options provide the user with immediate views showing the effects of changes in assumptions. Decision makers are able to watch the results of different assumptions instantly with the use of the visualization technology. It is the only product that allows easy communication of assumptions and questions related to...
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