Planet and Saturn

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वक्रतण्ड महाकाय सूयकोटिसमप्रभ । य ु निर्वयघ्िं करु मे दे व सवयकायेषु सवयदा ॥ ु

OM Ganeshaya NamaH

For India (Bhaaratvarsh)
Panchanga Sravanam 2012-2013 Nandana naam Samvatsara Shaka Samvat 1934

Panchangam Shravanam – 2012-2013
Om Shri Ganeshaya NamaH Graha Mantri Parishad for India Nandana naam Samvatsara Portfolio Planet King Sukra Mantri Sukra Senapati Guru Sasyadhipati Surya Dhanyadhipati Shani Argyadhipati Guru Meghadhipati Guru Rasadhipati Mars Neerasadhipati Surya This year the king of year is Sukra. There will be victory and prosperity all round with plenty of good crops and rains. Artists will thrive, people will enjoy. There will be plenty of merry making. Life would be fun will all types of entertainment. Soldiers will be victorious in battle. New treaties and agreements will be signed. Sukra is also the Mantri – Prime Minister. Sukra represents entertainment and Love and hence more celebrities will get married this year. Farmers will produce plenty of corn and milk production will be in abundance. There will be more prosperity and those who are waiting to get married can marry this year. More marriages can happen during the year. Guru is the Senapathi – Commander in chief. Guru is the most benefic planet and hence guru bestows good rain, people will have love and respect for each other. If you are trying make friends this is the good time to break ice and make more friends. People will attend in more numbers for devata utsav, festivals. Brahmins will do more yagnas and pujas, spiritual activities will increase and kings will rule well. 2

Lord of Paddy Crops -- Sasyadhipathi is Chandra. Chandra rules water and that’s why crops that grows due to water (irrigated land), will grow more. Tree and Sasyas will grow in plenty and more rice will grow. Dhanyadhipati – Lord of corns is Shani. Shani is dry planet and favorite color is black and hence all kinds of small grains will grow well, black soil will be fertile and grain that grows in black soil will be in abundance. Argyadhipai – Guru and hence Good rain, crops will grow well. Farmers will get good money for their produce and grains. Brahmin will do more yagna and pooja for benefit of mankind. All festivals will be celebrated properly -- pomp and show. Lord of Clouds – Meghadhipati Guru. Guru will try to give good results in areas he governs and try to multiply results and hence very good harvest, lands will be more fertile during this time frame. Farmers will get good prices for their crop. Health and wellness will prevail and people will be fearless. Lord of Fruits and Vegetation: Rasadhipati – Budha/Mercury. Magadhi, Malati, Jaiphala, camphore, googal, agar, jaggary and other items that is made from juices will be in abundance. Neerasadhipati – Lord of Minerals and Metals – Chandra and Pearls, Gold, bronze, clothes, ornaments will be in abundance.


Varsha Pravesha

Rasi (D-1) Chakra Ari VIII Tau IX

Gem X

Aqu VI

Can XI

Cap V

D-1 India Varsha Pravesha


Sag IV


Lib II

Vir I

Rashi (D-1) Chakra


Jagalagna Chart
Pis VI

Rasi (D-1) Chakra Ari VII Tau VIII

Gem IX

Aqu V

Can X

Cap IV

D-1 Jaganlagna India

Leo XI


Sco II

Lib I
As (SA)



Varsha and Jagalagna Chart interpretation This year it will be difficult for ruling government in New Delhi causing distress, discontentment. Poor will suffer a lot. Although Saturn is exalted in Jagalagna Chart but the rasi lord venus is afflicted in the 8th house with ketu. Sudden deaths like accidents, explosions, suicides and mysterious deaths will happen. Distress, discomfort, loss of work, sickness and diseases will increase. People will work hard and be more spiritual. The varsha lagna is also sandwitched between two malefics – Mars and Saturn. Foreign investments will slow down and hence debts will increase....
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