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Planet and Prince

By Danyellehodges1 Feb 02, 2013 2176 Words
1. Prologue
In the novella The Little Prince, Saint- Expery explored the thought of taking things for granted. He first sent the prince away from his own planet because the flower was using him for her advantage and not being nice about it. The prince feeling not at all happy with her left and visited other planets. But the prince also to the flower for granted once he realized that his flower lied about her being the only one of her kind. He said “all I own is one ordinary rose,” when really she isn’t ordinary because she’s the one that he’d watered and “tamed.” Not only does the author explore it in the view of taking people for granted he also explores it in taking objects for granted. When the narrator needs water he only thinks he needs it to survive but he doesn’t realize he’s going to savor every bit of it. We take for granted that we have food and water so when we drink it we never realize how great it’s going to taste. Personally I have the same problem, taking things for granted. I took my brother for granted and now he’s gone. I miss him so much but I can’t bring him back to life. When he was with me I was such a spoiled brat and “tattle tale” that I never really knew him. Most people who have brothers tell me all the time that “Oh their so annoying”, “I wish I didn’t have a brother”, and “I wish they’d die and leave me alone” but all I can do is be jealous of what they have. People also take for granted electronics when some people in the world can’t even afford food or a home. Humankind is spoiled. Everyone takes for granted everything and need to realize others’ point of views. This whole novella has the theme of taking things for granted. Not only do the prince and the narrator take things for granted so do the adults on the different planets. The king on the first planet the prince visited took for granted having a “subject.” The king tried to give the prince a reason to stay but couldn’t do anything but command him to do things that didn’t have a real task. “Do not leave; I shall make you my minister! Of… of justice!,” said the king. “But there’s no one here to judge,” answered the prince. The second planet the prince visited was inhabited by a very vain man. He whom took for granted other’s company and using it for his own admiration. This of which makes it not very fun for anyone else if all you care about is yourself. “Vain men never hear anything but praise.” A businessman lived on the fourth planet another’s appearance. Sometimes people need breaks and company is great for helping take your mind off of things. “I have so much work to do! I’m a serious man. I can’t be bothered with trifles!” On the fifth planet a lamplighter was in charge of lighting and unlit a lamp. The lamplighter unlike the rest of the inhabitants of the other planets didn’t take much for granted. “Perhaps it’s because he’s thinking of something besides himself” The one person though that I thought stood out for taking things for granted in the Little Prince was the prince. He took for granted his happy life on his planet and just because of a little unhappiness he left. Though he immediately had signs of missing his planet he still went farther away. “The little prince, who asked me so many questions, never seemed to hear the ones I asked him,” which could cause him to seem annoying. The whole novella is a lesson not to take things for granted. Because one minute it may be fine and dandy but the next you’ll be wishing you cherished them. But just as the prince told the narrator, “you’ll be glad you’ve known me. You’ll always be my friend. You’ll feel like laughing with me,” you have to realize they cherished you then and after they left. If you take things for granted doesn’t mean that no one loves you for what you did. This novella is a great sad comedy that exampled this theme greatly. 2. Travels of a Young Fox

I WAS ALL ALONE in the meadow. Nowhere to go I looked everywhere for my family. I couldn’t hear or see anything but a man with some long object in his hands. It looked as if he was in search for something. I decided to ask him if I could help him and he help me in return. As I got closer he looked at me as if I were something dangerous. “Can I help you, mis…,” I started to say before being shot at by the hunter. I kept running to safety. Looking back once in good range of the hunter and for the first time saw my mom and brothers, dead, on the hunter’s back. “Why must humans be so cruel? I never once shot at them. I only needed help with finding my family but now I good,” I said in frustration and shock. Wondering around hopelessly I walked all day and night. Never once looking back at what used to be my safe and wonderful home, the meadow. This was now the hunting ground of monsters and I could never go back. Finally reaching some kind of habitat I fell asleep. All I could dream of was the love of my used to be family. I missed them and I want revenge. How would those humans like it if I killed their family? They wouldn’t like it. That’s it that’s what I’ll do. I woke up to the sound of human children playing. No better time but now to make my move. Slyly then every I snuck close to my prey. I got a good sight of this little girl with a puppy. She held it as if it were her own baby. “ How can this be?” I asked the pup.

“Easy, not everyone’s the same,” it answered.
“But how are you so.. so.. calm?” I questioned eagerly.
“She tamed me, she owns me and she’s mine.”
“That doesn’t sound very great?”
“But it is I got used to seeing her everyday and every time I see her I get happy with anticipation. Taming is a long process. You see, you have to become used to the person and their like lifelong friends, but it can be heartbreaking to leave each other,” explained the puppy. “Can she tame me too?” I asked excitedly.

“No! Now please leave!”
Leaving pretty shocked I left on my way to find a nice human to tame me. Preferably someone young.

3. Gone
“I CAN’T BELIVE IT. He left me. I didn’t think I was that bad I mean I did say some spoiled rotten things but he was a big boy. He left me here to die. DEFENSLESS! How could he do this!??!!” “Maybe I should quit moping..,”I thought to myself. “I should find another boy; he’s probably found something else too. I started to bend over using my leaves to dig up my roots. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I just wanted to wither up and die. No actually I wanted him to die. Finally after 5 hours of digging I got my roots undone unharmed. “What to do, what to do?” Thinking of the necessities I’d need I got water and packed a back of soil. That’s right I was packing because I was moving to another planet but going in the opposite direction the prince did. THE FIRST PLANET was inhabited by a frog whom liked to eat flies. He was quite a big frog but not at all as tall as the prince. His skin was green, but was that healthy? “Hello!,” said the frog astounded to have a visitor.

“Why hello there! Could you take care of me?,” the rose asked. “ Well I can’t even take care of myself and I rule this planet!” “Well may I at least stay for a day?”
“No you can’t their aren’t enough room for the two of us. Plus you seem spoiled and I can’t live up to high expectations!!!” Tired of the rude frog the rose left. I was going to a new planet. But shortly after my arrival all sorts of bugs ran after me. Apparently all of them were populated with flower eating insects and the prince apparently had a reason to go the other way. Hurriedly I went to planet to planet looking for home. It took 6 days till I finally arrived home to my planet. My prince still wasn’t home. Worriedly I buried my roots and went into hibernation so I didn’t have to live a year without him. And hopefully when I wake up he will be there waiting.

4. Why so hurt?
THE SEVENTH PLANET was the same size as the last. Except this one was the shape of a heart. Dividing both sides was a line of water lilies. It was inhabited by a couple who were on either side. “ Why can’t I.. get across.. these lilies.. I miss you,” sobbed a Heartbroken women. The lady was on one side of the planet that was full of water, which the prince thought was of her tears. On the other side of the planet was a Dry man. He never spoke to the woman no matter what she said. His side of the planet was dry that if it got any drier it might break off into many pieces. “Why are you guys separated?” the little prince questioned. Until one day a lily popped up. We cherished it, and more popped up. They split our planet in half and when they grew larger we weren’t able get to each other. It’s been this way for 20 years now and he’s grown drier with the years. Even though he’s dry we will always be a couple,” the woman said, “we aren’t able to jump over them because we are too big and don’t have the energy for it.” The little prince thought that since he was young he could go to the other side and talk to the man. “Hello, mister,” the prince asked skeptically not sure of the Dry man’s reaction. “Hey they little fellow, what brings you over here?,” said the man surprised of seeing another face. “I was wondering if you’d allow me to take away all those lilies so you and the woman you love can be together!” “You mean you can do it? I know I may not show it but I really do love and miss her,” said the man almost in tears. After 3 days the little prince finally had all the lilies pulled up and the couple was together again. Even though they were complete opposites they completed each other greatly. Now that his task was done the little prince was on his way, thinking about his flower even more.

5. Epilogue
“One must command from each what each can perform,” said the king. I think this is true because if you get your hopes high in what another person can do for you, you will be upset when they fail. Yet it’s not their fault when they literally can’t do the task at hand. We usually don’t seem to think anything’s impossible especially when we’re high up on the food chain. But depression is not a great side affect of high hopes being failed. No matter what you do even if you do shoot for the stars be happy even if you get anything less. If you wanted to become the president and become the secretary of state instead you shouldn’t be all mad because you landed short of your wishes. You should think happily that you landed close to target. You shouldn’t even ask more then you can give from yourself. Just as I can’t ask my mom to buy me a mansion if she can’t afford it, be the type of person who sees the glass of half full and not half empty. This is a great acquaintance to the novella when the rose asks so much that the prince can’t stand it. Even though the prince was mad he shouldn’t have left, he should’ve realized that the rose couldn’t help being full of herself.

This novella tells of a little fellow who goes on a journey that will change your view on things as you read further and further. This book shall soon “tame” you. No Idea where he’s going he meets some new friends changing their lives on the way. You might think this kid’s book is too immature for adults but take a peek it might surprise you. But bring you imagination because you might not think its possible going planet to planet without being a professional astronaut. So follow this boy to the desert unknown.

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