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STRATEGIC ONLINE MARKETING PLAN Sample for Small Business – Lead Generation For easier reading, we placed this example in a PDF of a Word document. For better project management, the components below are best placed in an online collaboration tool such as Basecamp or Google Wave (it remains in service, but is no longer being developed as a standalone product),  for example. Collaboration tools sometimes work better than email for communications and status updates; however, email does have the benefit of being familiar to almost everyone and may be an acceptable option for some businesses. Goal The goal of this plan is to increase sales of custom decks, porches, outdoor kitchens, and related projects for Sample Small Business. The target market is upscale homeowners in the Houston area, specifically targeting west and northwest parts of metro Houston. This plan uses intelligent online marketing to increase the number of motivated customers visiting the web site, build awareness of the products/services, create confidence in the company, and help increase leads, sales and profits. Strategies/Tactics Below are suggested strategies/tactics. Not all are necessary at this stage, but all support the goal. They are listed in the recommended sequence for maximum benefit. Green Tactics are in the current TopSide Media budget, and only require assistance from the webmaster for Sample Small Business. Blue Tactics are also in the TopSide Media budget, but may require outside expenses and webmaster assistance. Red Tactics are not in the current budget, but deserve mention for possible inclusion later.

1. Optimize Web Site Content (in process) Use click and conversion data from PPC (pay-per-click) ads and call tracking to revise web site content including body copy, heads, and more. Ensure the marketing message focuses directly on Sample Small Business' target market, and create a clear message for potential customers to discover through search. Estimated time to complete - 3-4 weeks. Responsible for delivery – Roland B. and webmaster. 2. Optimize Web Site Structure (in process) The website is built in WordPress, so the platform is up-to-date and adequate. We have recommend changes to the web site navigation for better usability and to increase the click-to-conversion ratio. For example, change page names to better reflect content for search engines. Add a contact form and thank you page. Add a phone number above the average fold. Estimated time to complete - 2-3 weeks. Responsible for delivery Roland B. and webmaster.




3. Employ Strategies to Attract Search Engines (in process) Complete intensive keyword research. Add more keywords to copy, image tags, titles, headings, internal links, revise sitemap, and other areas. Submit site to major search engines after all changes are made to site. Establish strategies to target specific geographic areas, such as far northwest Austin. Estimated time to complete - 4-5 weeks. Responsible for delivery - Roland B. and Webmaster.

Expected outcomes for Tactics 1-3 - Increasing traffic to Local Business Example web site. Greater recognition and higher ranking from search engines. More traffic eventually leading to more sales. 4. Search Engine Advertising or PPC (already in process) Current budget. Benefits and process as detailed in separate proposal. Google AdWords will be employed, and if needed for additional traffic, Microsoft adCenter. Benefits: Highly targeted audience, controlled message, leads produced as incoming calls and web forms. Useful as a research tool for business decisions as well as to drive web traffic. Examples: gauge interest in new offering or new markets. 5. Directory Entriesand Link Development (in process) Create concise description of company and submit for new directory entries such as online industry trade directories. Create more links to/from the web site. Identify associations, industry groups, and customer...
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