Plan to Pizza Rush

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j1.Research. Is the backbone of any success you garner. Forward thinking requires that you know how to properly anticipate needs, demand, and your ability to supply for those needs. In order to know that, you must do your homework. You can do this two ways: with primary research and secondary research. Primary research is research you conduct on your own with surveys, focus groups.. Secondary research is simply the use of research already conducted, like the census, study reports, customer reviews on other websites, etc. Use this research to help you identify the next steps in your campaign. 2.Define target audience. This also includes a knowledge and understanding of anyone that may be included in the public that will receive your message. Even if they are not buyers of your product, they may become potential buyers. Tailor your message for your target audience, but don’t disregard others not included in that audience. Know the public and know how your campaign will affect them. This can help you to anticipate future issues, needs, etc. 3.Know the stakeholders. This includes anyone who takes an interest in the campaign, like company executives, shareholders, employees, etc. These people need to be defined so that you can properly share with them the campaign, get them on board, and get their support. They also should be updated with the campaign’s results as they are realized. 4.Know the market situation. Research other companies; define market elasticity; know your competitors; recognize opportunities and ignored markets; etc. This is the place for you to really see where your services can be used, how you can craft your messages/strategies, and how you can gain market share with your PR efforts. Overall, this gives you a good overview of the entire “forest” so that you can better implement your campaign. 5.Know the limitations. This includes knowing your resources, such as your time, budget, and the abilities of your team. If you need to hire na...
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