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Research Plan Paper

Nike is a footwear company that is recognized globally. They have many name brands known by all, as well as charities and other community based programs. They sponsor and endorse many professional, college, and high school sports teams as well as various other companies linked to sports and physical activity. This company started off as an idea from two men and now has thousands of employees across the world supporting their mission statement and various goals.

Strengths: global brand recognition, competitive prices, community involvement, celebrity endorsed, and a large product line. Nike is known for its state of the art equipment as well as its ever expanding product line. This is a huge part of their increasing expansion and revenue. When their product is seen everywhere, people want their own.

Weaknesses: high prices, questionable overseas labor, failed celebrity endorsements, and too much advertising. The prices are fair, to some, but others can’t afford the newest product line so they will wait for it to go down in price or search somewhere else. Rumors of child sweatshops overseas and negative publicity from some celebrities have hurt the Nike name. Too much advertising affects some consumers and will drive them away from purchasing new or any products.

Opportunities: other brand names, community outreach, scholarships, sport endorsements, and expanding product line. With names like Hurley, Converse, Starter and Cole Haan, to name a few, aid in the every growing net worth and product sales of Nike. When they open up their campus to the community, sponsor youth leagues, and provide scholarships and uniforms to various sports team, they can’t help but be a household name that many want to purchase.

Threats: rival companies, bad economy, and negative publicity. Adidas, Fila, Puma, and other big name active wear companies are always competing for the next big product line and sponsorships. While many can afford some of the...

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