Plan of Activity

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Plan of activities (5s Principles)
a. Rationale: This plan of activities will enable the organization to set goals in attaining and implementing the 5s in the workplace with unified vision, shared thoughts and values to be able to be competitive enough in the world of business for we believe that implementing 5s may lead the company to success.

b. Objectives:
* To introduce 5s to the organization and appreciate its importance; * To keep the workplace clean, providing a nice environment to work; * To increase productivity, maximize time;
* To reduce costs and avoid meeting conflicts;
* To provide a safety and humane workplace;
* To establish happiness between employees while working; and * To eliminate all types of wastes.
c. Organizational structure:
Quality Management System Coordination

5s Chairman (Operation)

Chairman Self Discipline (HR)
Chairman Sweep (Maintenance)
Chairman Sort (Sales and Marketing)
Chairman Systematize (Finance, production)
Chairman Standardized (Production)



Duties and responsibilities:
Sort Chairman -chairman responsible for determining the necessary and finding ways to eliminate waste. Sieton Chairman- Chairman responsible for identifying the arrangement of necessary items, equipment, tools into good order. SeisoChairman- responsible in maintaining the cleanliness, implementing a zero dust workplace. SeiketsuChairman- responsible in maintaining one’s workplace so that it is productive and comfortable by repeating seiri-seiton-seiso. Shitsuke Chairman- responsible in devoting good habits, strict and reliable execution of good quality work standards. Evaluators- Analyzing, reporting, giving recommendations and developing strategies onhow to improve quality and quantity. Managers-Supervise and manage the overall performance of staff in the department, assisting the supervisor to help implement the 5s. Employees- they play a big role in the organization for they are the part of the implementation of 5s.they are the asset of the company, serves as initial entity for the organization to be competitive enough in the world of business. Supervisors- Usually the supervisor understands the organization and the employee's profession better than the employee. Consequently, the supervisor is in a unique position to give ongoing advice to the employee about job and coaching the employees on how to practice 5s appropriately.

d. Schedule of activities:

NAME OF ACTIVITY| PERSON RESPONSIBLE| DATE| LOGISTICS| BUDGET| 5S Implementation:Launching| 5s Committee| January20,2012| * Venue: Conference room * Materials needed: Projector, Speakers, seminar kit, sounds system, and snacks, tarpaulin * Time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm| P5,000.00| 5s audit| 5s committee,supervisors,and evaluators, managers| January 30,2012| * Materials needed: Cleaning Equipment * Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am| P10,000.00| Red- tagging activity| 5s committee,supervisors,Seiri Chairman| February 22,2012| * Storage room, production area| | “Label in all levels activity”| 5s committee,supervisors,Seiton Chairman| March 23,2012| * Materials needed: labeling materials, markers, boxes, drawers, shelves, cleaning equipment * Time:1:00pm -5:00 pm| P3,000.00| Equipment inventory| 5s committee,supervisors,Seiri Chairman| April 24-27 2012| * Venue: production area * Materials needed: equipment tools| | 5s campaign| 5s committee,supervisors,Seiketsu Chairman| June 17,2012| * Materials needed: campaign materials, papers, markers,| P5,000.00| Cleaning break| Seiso Chairman| Daily| * Materials needed: Cleaning materials * Time: 1:00pm- 1:30pm| | 5s awareness | 5S committee| January: SeiriMarch:SeitonMay:SeisoJune:SeiketsuSeptember:Shitsuke| * Venue: Conference room or outside campus * Materials needed: seminar kits:Projector, Speakers, pamphlets, hand-outs,...
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