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i. Determine whether this development falls under exempt, complying or integrated development. Give a brief description of each of these and explain which category your development falls into. Maximum 3 lines on each. (Blacktown Council also has some good information on this)

Exempt development may be carried out without the need for development consent. In general, development of minimal environmental impact is exempt development

Complying development requires development consent for the carrying out obtained by the issue of a complying development certificate. These include some small-scale residential, commercial and industrial development.

Integrated development is development that in order for it to be carried out requires development consent from one or more of the state government agencies.

The development in this assignment is a small residential development and should be considered as a comply development.
ii. What planning instruments are relevant to your development? (These may include Development Control Plans (DCPs), Local Environment Plans (LEPs), State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs), etc. List those that are relevant and briefly state in what way they need to be complied with. List the information that is required to be submitted with the Development Application.

Planning instruments relevant to the development:

Ryde Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010

Buildings and State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Codes) 2008

Development control plan:
3.3 Dwelling Houses and Dual Occupancy Attached
Checking provisions for setbacks, building height, required open space,etc. 7.1 Energy Smart, Water Wise
To achieving sustainable development complying Council’s requirements 7.2 Waste Minimisation and Management
To achieve Sustainable resource management and waste minimisation complying Council’s requirements
8.1 Construction Activities
1. To encourage consideration of Ecologically Sustainable Development and Site Management when developing a site.

2. To ensure adequate controls are in place on or near a site to minimise the impact of construction activities on adjoining properties.
3. To provide requirements and advice to applicants in regard to site management.
4. To ensure public health and safety is maintained.
8.2 Stormwater Management
To ensure Method of Stormwater Disposal & OSD Checklist complying with Council’s requirement
8.3 Driveways
To ensure design of driveway complying with Council’s requirement 9.4 Fencing
To ensure All fencing must be compatible with the streetscape of the locality 9.6 Tree Preservation
To meet the requirement of tree removal, relocate or replacement to comply with council’s requirement.
iii. List the information that is required to be submitted with the Development Application:

Development Application Form - including all owners consent
Site Plan – including distance from boundaries
Elevations – including wall plate & overall height
Shadow Diagrams (for two storey dwellings)
BASIX Certificate
Landscape Plan - identifying DSZ compliance & tree locations Statement of Environmental Effects
Method of Stormwater Disposal & OSD Checklist
Waste Management Plan
Photos of existing house (when demolition forms part of application)

iv. What happens if your DA is rejected?
I can apply to Council to review the determination under Section 82A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act or submit an appeal to the Land and Environment Court.
v. What do you need to do after DA consent is granted?
I need apply for and receive a Construction Certificate before works or the use can commence. The consent will state whether a Construction Certificate is required.

vi. What if you (or your client) wants to make a change to the DA? To lodge a modification, fill in the Section 96 - Application to Modify Development Consent (PDF 40 KB) form. If...
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