Plan 9 from Outer Space

Topics: Plan 9 from Outer Space, Ed Wood, Michael Medved Pages: 2 (987 words) Published: November 2, 2014

“Plan 9 from Outer Space”: Worst Movie of All Time
“If you want to know me, see Glen or Glenda. That’s me, that my story, no question. But Plan 9 from Outer Space is my pride and joy” CITATION Pla14 \l 1033 (iMDb). “Plan9 from Outer Space” is an American science fiction thriller that is known more for its blunders, bad acting, and poor costumes and sets than for its story line. It was filmed in 1959 and was written and directed by Ed Wood. This movie was meant to be the movie that made him famous, which happened, but for a completely different reason than he had hoped. Out of his many bad films that he made, “Plan 9” was named as the “Worst Movie Ever Made” by The Golden Turkey Awards. It has footage in the movie of screen star Bela Lugosi, most well-known for his part as Dracula, but the actor had actually passed away right after the start to Mr. Wood filming Plan 9. The footage used was some film that had been shot of him prior to his death, but not for the movie itself. The man Wood cast to play his character was ordered by Wood to keep his face covered with the cape so the audience wouldn’t see his face because they might see that it’s not Bela. It is hard to determine exactly what the plot of the movie is. It could be viewed as a movie about Aliens coming to planet earth to rob graves and then use the zombies they have created from the deceased to terrorize Americans. Or it could be a lesson on how the government tried to cover up Alien and UFO activity by threatening and/or ordering pilots and military personnel to keep them from revealing the fact that they had witnessed UFOs flying over their homes. Regardless of what the plot was intended to be, it is difficult to not be distracted from the message in the film by the poor acting. The lines are not particularly good that the actors are given for their characters, but they are spoken in such a way that the viewer is not as aware of what they are saying, but in the strange manner they are...

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