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Retail Management
Universiti Teknologi Mara Shah Alam
Plagiarism is a very serious problem in the academic world. The term plagiarism, derived from the Latin word ‘plagiarius’ meaning ‘kidnapper’ or ‘plunderer’, has been defined as the practice of using other’s ideas and texts and claiming them as one’s own original authorship without acknowledging the source. The purpose of this questionnaire is to gauge (FBM) students’ level of awareness towards plagiarism. The data will be kept confidential. Please return the completed questionnaire directly to the Retail Management students involved.

Please tick (√) in the space provided to indicate your responses.

1. Do you know what plagiarism is?
Not sure
*If you answered no to this question, please return the questionnaire.

2. Gender


3. Age
18 - 20

21 - 23

24 - 26


4. Specify what degree title/course you are currently attending.

5. How do you prepare your writing assignments?
By copying texts from books/journals without citing the source. By copying from web pages and pasting the information without referencing. By paraphrasing of texts/ideas and claiming them as your own. Others (e.g.: with needs from lecturers /friends and etc.)

6. How easy do you think internet-based plagiarism is to detect? Almost impossible
Possible but difficult
Easily done
Don’t know

7. Do you agree that students who are caught for
plagiarism be penalized?
8. Do you think it is possible for students to avoid
9. The temptation to plagiarize may be easier for
students with time management issues.
10. UiTM should be clear about plagiarism and the
penalties to its students.
11. Organizing anti-plagiarism campaigns and
making it mandatory for lecturers to screen a
student’s work will stop acts of plagiarizing
among students




12. If you find a friend plagiarising an assignment, you...
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