Topics: Ethics, Morality, Explanation Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Ethical Academic Behavior (Summary)

Dr. Heady spoke profoundly when she explained, how having the right ethical integrity while being involved in becoming a person that has set-out to accomplish a goal in academic studies; That such a person will have to be honest and have a great sense of moral ethics. She explains, this will be the person that will be able to relate in “business” or “conversation” with others that have took on courses of studies to become enriched with education. I as well understand that when Dr. Heady spoke on the issues with when us as a student are involved in a course that has required the student to turn in a report of some nature, that we take note that in order to not get into trouble with the dean’s office, it’s very important to have “good time management” with our time and we must be “morally correct”. “We have to be focus”. “And we must maintain good study habits”. Poor time management will cause us to fall behind in a course that we’ve might have gotten so far behind that we will want to cheat to catch up on what is due. Or it might not be the case of time management, it could be because of poor ethical actions that will cause a person to do wrong just to get acknowledgement about something from the instructor. This will be the wrong action to take on to get notice or recognition about a project. This will only lead to you getting into trouble with the dean’s office. So I understand that if I keep a attitude of being responsible with my time as well as with my finances I will receive from my diligence and persistence of being righteous with myself and my dealings. This will lead me to a successful outcome in life and while I’m living my life in the field that I’ve required my knowledge in my studies.
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