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A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, or cycle) is a single-track, engine-powered, two-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions. Motorcycles are one of the most affordable forms of motorised transport in many parts of the world and, for most of the world's population, they are also the most common type of motor vehicle. There are around 200 million motorcycles (including mopeds, motor scooters and other powered two and three-wheelers) in use worldwide, or about 33 motorcycles per 1000 people. As of 2002, India with an estimated 37 million motorcycles/mopeds was home to the largest number of motorised two wheelers in the world. China came a close second with 34 million motorcycles/mopeds.

Motorbikes are considered as heartthrobs in the modem automotive world. Bikes are conventional for those who cannot afford to buy themselves as car. It would not be an overstatement that 90percent of people who step into their professional lives and start earning, buy a motorbike as a means of transportation. They can take their feel on the ground and flutter away on their vehicles. Transportation of two wheeler from a product for urban middle class in eighties and earlier to the most favorite mode of personal, to all customer classes is quiet amazing.

The motorbikes are economical in many ways. Some third world . countries have started producing their local scooters and bikes so that almost any person who manages to save a little amount of money can afford a scooter easily. Motorbikes are hard to assemble and there are people who have managed to build their own bikes. A motorbike does not consume much of fuel as cars do and they can easily adjust themselves between the cars in the parking lot.

The world's largest market is in China followed by India. Bikes are of numerous types. An ATV drift has become dominant over past few years. It is appealing for bike lovers as its special graphics system, all new skid plates are more powerful engine that can make this bike race in all sorts of riding environments. The latest bikes have no comparison, they are a complete package. Their bodies are light weight, they have bigger, smoother, comfortable cushion seats and their overall performance is much more than people could imagine. GLOBAL MARKET OF TWO WHEELER

The world markets of two wheelers have shown a terrific growth over the past few years. It is surprising to hear that in 2004 the world sales of two wheelers totaled approximately million. By analyzing this record sale of two wheelers continent wise, Asia came to first. The Asian continent witnessed a tremendous increase in sales growing 4- 5 times than the last decade. The world's largest two wheeler market is China. India comes to second. The Japanese manufactures also captures a good market share using their technology and they have various brands like Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki etc. Indian manufactures like Bajaj, TVS, etc. is nowadays getting the attention of the world market.

China and India alone account for aver half the world's 2 wheeler sales. Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia are the other large market of the world is categorized in two groups that is Japanese manufactures which includes Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha and local niche player. Nowadays the industry is witnessing globalization. Due to this the new group is strengthening in the bike market with includes European, American and Asian manufactures. Now the world market is also witnessing a high degree of competition among these manufactures. CHAPTER-2


India is one of the largest markets for two wheelers nowaday. Almost all manufacturers of two wheelers consider India as a good market for their products. But before coming to this modem period, it is interesting to have a brief...

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