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Placement Profile Questions
1. What do you propose to do in your life short term and long term?

Seven years ago, I graduated from IIT Madras as a dis-oriented graduate with no direction in life, but plenty of advices of many well-wishers. I had applied for an engineering degree due to my fascination with engineering and constructions of some magnificent infrastructure. So on graduation I decided to pursue my ‘core’ industry and joined a shipping company. After seven years of working in the technical part of the industry in various locations & conditions, the experiences have taught me a lot. Now after joining a MBA school, it is time to again evaluate what I want my career to be. I am still attracted to the marine industry and the challenges posed by it. In the near future on completion of my education in IIML, I would like to seek a corporate/management position in a shipping / shipping related company, preferably in Middle East or South East Asia. I intend to work with the management in learning the business side of the industry for a few years. This is the best way that I can make an immediate impact from my recent education and grow professionally. In my due stint, I have seen the difference between effective & ineffective managers. Unfortunately, the industry has been negatively affected due to some questionable decisions taken by the management of various organizations. My education in IIML and my earlier work experiences of working in the field would provide me a perfect base to for contributing to the industry. I would like to incorporate few management philosophies followed extensively in other similar industries. Majority of the organization in the marine industry has not upgraded itself to the recent management practices followed in the other similar industries. I would like to work my way up the corporate ladder in an international organization which has good business practices and is open to innovating with new business ideas. Unfortunately, the marine industry has not matured enough in our country to accept internationally rated management practices. But in future (subject to improvement of the industry) I am interested in pursuing my interests in India. I hope to see myself contributing to the success of the marine industry in India in the long term.

2. Do you think that results (mentioned in CV) were a true reflection of your academic abilities? Please elaborate.

In my SSC, I scored well in the subjects (Maths & Science) I was interested in and therefore better in it. My weakness in languages and social studies are well known. Hence the scores in those subjects were relatively lower than others. In HSC, I was preparing for clearing the IITJEE entrance examination. Hence the priority on the result for the HSC examination was extremely low. In those days, there was no importance attached to the HSC score. The score had to be greater than a minimum mark defined. Since the minimum mark was extremely low, the preparation for the HSC was not top notch. Yet I performed consistently in my HSC examination. My weakness in the English language was again exposed by the mark, though I do not agree with the mark received. The under-graduation at IIT was a roller-coaster ride in terms of academic achievements. The first semester being the toughest, I was able to score an average grade point. But later in the remaining semesters, the academic performance fluctuated depending on the courses/subjects. But it never varied too wildly, and consistency was maintained. The scoring system in IIT Madras is a CGPA system where the grades are relative to the performance of the batch. So the score only reflects my academic abilities compared to the batch of students in IIT during my batch. When compared to the scoring system of another CV from a different university, the deduction will be unfair. The scores in my CV, when compared to the scores in other CVs of the present batch, may not reflect a truth...
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