Place Utility and Happiness Index in Different Regions of Mexico City

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Is there relationship between happiness and place utility within different areas of Mexico City?

Fieldwork question and geographic context.

This essay will investigate if there is a relationship between happiness and the place utility of La Condesa and San Pedro Martir, then by comparing the results of each investigation we will come to a conclusion of whether this relationship does exist and how it changes depending on the place in which it’s located within the city.

Mexico city is a city in which the geography affects a lot different areas throughout the city, for example, the quality of an entire colony changes depending on which district is located, there are a total of 16 districts in the city, each one of these with different features and wealth, it is variedly distributed along all of these.

However we will only focus in two districts: Cuauhtémoc (La condesa) and Tlalpan (San Pedro Martir), In these we will look at the different factors of place utility and if any of these have a relation or affect the happiness of people living there.

First we need to look at the geographic context of the two districts.

La Condesa:

La condesa is and old neighborhood, located in Cuauhtémoc at the center of the city, with and huge over population, most of the people living here belong to the upper class socio-economically speaking. It has lots of recreational places, and can be considered a good place to live, this is why the surveys were made in this neighborhood, specifically in the streets surrounding the Parque Mexico we will look further on these surveys further on.

San Pedro Martir:
San Pedro Martir is a colony located in Tlalpan, at the south of the city, it’s a neighborhood mainly populated by the working class of the society, Its mostly a residential area with some small stores such as bakeries, stores (food, junk food) etc.

At first San Pedro was a small village located outside the city, but as the city expanded until it eventually met with the division of this village transforming it into a part of itself so now we can say its situated at the outskirts of the city. All of the surveys were made to people living in this area, and they were able to find what people thought of the place.

I chose this location because it would be a great comparison between the two neighborhoods, one being wealthier than the other, and also more center located.

My hypothesis is that the different locations in which both areas are will directly affect the happiness of people living there, considering the recreational facilities, services, geography and safety that may or may not exist.

Methods of investigation

What I did first to find out the happiness of people living in both neighborhoods was a survey, in which the level of happiness (From 1 to 10) was chosen by each of the persons interviewed. As well as some questions about the recent changes in the area and the quality of services, accessibility, safety, recreational places, air pollution, cleanliness among others, there were a total of 69 interviews.

The reason to ask for these specific things was so there could be a more general idea of what people think of the area they live in, and by adding this personal touch it was clear to see how the are had been transformed, and if these changes were good or bad (in all the different topics asked) what helped a lot was the experience of the years they lived in the area.

Sampling: there was a team distributed in different areas of La Condesa, all of the surveys were made between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, and for San Pedro Martir it was from 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm.

In La condesa the streets in which the interviews took place were:

* Chilpancingo
* San Luis Potosi
* Michoacan
* Amsterdam
* Parque Mexico
* Campeche
* Parque España

In San Pedro Martir the streets were:

* Enseñanza
* Cinco de Mayo
* Niños heroes
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