Pizza Store Simulation

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Pizza Store Layout Simulation
University of Phoenix

The concept of the learning curve is a powerful tool and is applicable to all learning processes. In this simulation I became the manager and ran the Pizza store hoping to produce a better process for the amount of time a customer waits for their order. The goal of my job was to apply the learning curve concepts to test the alternative against the current process of the Pizza store. I will explain and provide information on the processes that I chose to implement, the outcome of each process, and the overall success of my performance. Mario opened his Pizza parlor in 1950 which is located indoor at the local mall. The current problem that is going on with the store is that customers are dissatisfied with the long wait for orders and some people are even leaving without being served. The importance of making this business a success is increasing profitability, reducing the waiting time in the restaurant, and having a process implemented that will maintain a balance between the demand for service and the capacity of the system to provide the service to customers. Learning Curve Concepts

There are many ways that the learning curve concepts can be applied to the existing process. “Learning curves are useful both to cost estimators and analysts. The learning curve is based on three fundamental assumptions: the time required to perform a task decreases as the task is repeated, the amount of improvement decreases as more units are produces, and the rate of improvement has sufficient consistency to allow its use as a reduction tool.”() All of these tools were very helpful in determining the right processes to use in the simulation. I applied these tools over and over which helped me better understand and increase my performance. Performance Data

As the simulation began I had to decide of the number of wait staff, kitchen staff and tables that would cause an improvement for the...

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