Pizza Delivery Business Plan

Topics: Management, Marketing, Pizza delivery Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Pizza Delivery Business Plan

Of all food related businesses to open, a Pizza Delivery business would be the easiest to start with very little difficulty in a new city, San Tan Valley. San Tan Valley has over 80,000 residents in an unincorporated city in Pinal County. Currently there is no pizza company delivering to these residents and this presents a new profitable opportunity. Keeping it simple is the best approach for anyone with a minor or basic understanding in business. A pizza delivery business also has a broad appeal, simple menu, and high demand from the American people. Pizza delivery is also fast and simple especially when time is limited to prepare a well-balanced meal. Pizza is also inexpensive, simple to make and bake, and will not require a high level of skilled personnel. Pizza will now be able to be delivered faster, hotter, and fresher.

The venture has an experienced owner with a Business Degree, a skilled worker with over three years in making and delivering pizzas along with a dedicated family member eager to cultivate the success of a pizza delivery business. The business model has documented objectives (to be able to deliver pizza to the residents of San Tan Valley for the first time ever since becoming a city in the state of Arizona). The mission (to deliver pizza to the residents of San Tan Valley), keys to success (a proven product with customer retention), and researched the business well to demonstrate a market analysis and strategy. The product will satisfy all local pizza needs of San Tan Valley residents. San Tan Valley is a growing middle-class city with over 80,000 residents. Majorities of these residents have more than four people per family and some have more than one family living in one home. The average incomes per families are estimated at $28,000 with some families receiving monies from state aid. Good marketing skills have been established through the owner. The distribution channels...
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