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Who would have thought that computer animated films would become the next big thing when it comes to movies. Pixar has produced hit after hit with both critical and financial success. We fell in love with these stories along with the characters. Pixar has created thirteen films since 1995. They began in 1979 as the Graphics Group, as part of the computer division of Lucasfilm. Apple Inc. then bought the corporation in 1986 making Steven Jobs a major shareholder. In 2006 The Walt Disney Company bought Pixar, which made Steven Jobs Disney’s Largest Shareholder. I feel like a lot of Pixar’s success could be credited to Apples core beliefs. But what makes Pixar such a movie powerhouse? There success if founded on the notion that companies depend on the quality of their employees and how well they collaborate with one another. John Lasseter , chief creative officer of Pixar says the secret to Pixar’s success is “We recognized we had to get the very best people from the computer science world, along with the artist filmmaking world, and get them working together.”

Pixar Enables people to work together in several ways. First, the company relies on longterm employment relationships rather than short-term project contracts. These long term relationships help improve team development and social networks. These teams have been working together since the beginning. The more you know a person the more comfortable you feel around them, resulting in better working conditions along with better overall results. Second, the way the campus is set up enables employees to work well together. The building were set up to cluster people into teams, yet encourage chance encounters with people from other projects. Lastly, the no-nonsense, perfectionist culture. The company gives power to its production teams, rather than its senior executives.

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