Pixar Investment Profile

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Firm Name: Pixar Animation Studios
Trading Symbol: PIXR
Key Products and Services
Pixar's area of expertise is in the production and distribution of animated motion picture films. The key departments involved in the process of creating these films are as follows: 1.Animation Technology

2.Creative Writing Professionals
3.Design Artists
4.Production Management

Animation Technology. Pixar's animation technology is state-of-the-art. The company has always been on the cutting edge of design developments, and maintains that without it their films wouldn't be complete. Pixar believes that their new-age design animation programs allow the artists more creative freedom to bring their films to life. Creative Writing Professionals. As with any film company, Pixar needs a good body of writers and thinkers to come up with the themes and plots of their movies. The scripts written by this department are designed with it's audience in mind, they have yet to fail in pleasing their viewers. Design Artists. The design artists employed by Pixar are essentially the cast of their movies. These men and women design the characters, from their clothes and hair, to the sparkle in their eye and the dimples in their cheeks. Through use of the always up-to-date design technology, this department puts forth animated characters who bring true life to the screen. Production Management. The production management group employed by Pixar has probably the most difficult job; advertising and "selling" the movies. In motion picture production, a movie can be determined success or failure before it is even released. It is the job of Pixar's production management team to ensure that the public is waiting with anxious hearts and full pocket books for their next film. Key Customers

The customers of Pixar entertainment are, of course, you and me. You, me, and every other person in this country; in this world even. There isn't a place on Earth where the cleverness of Pixar's writers, or the...
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