Pittsburgh vs. Cincinatti

Topics: Pittsburgh, Major League Baseball, National Football League Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Pittsburgh versus Cincinnati
Living in Pittsburgh for the whole eighteen years of my life so far has been an amazing experience all around, especially since I only live fifteen minutes away from downtown. I have so many great memories from when I was growing up. My favorite memory is the when I watched the fireworks for the first time I can remember after the Pirates Game at PNC Park. I couldn’t imagine leaving my city (Pittsburgh) to live anywhere else. I have only been out of Pittsburgh one time, and that was to go to Cincinnati, Ohio. To me, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are overall very similar. Although they are very similar, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati have many differences as well. Both cities are all about their sports teams. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh both have an MLB (Major League Baseball) team and an NFL (National Football League) team. Cincinnati’s baseball team is called the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds became part of MLB in 1881. Since then their stadium has been called the Great American Ballpark. On the other hand, Pittsburgh’s baseball team is called the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates were founded in 1891. Currently their stadium is called PNC Park. Both baseball teams are placed in the Central League Division of baseball. The Cincinnati Bengals is the NFL team for Cincinnati. They were founded in 1968.The name of their stadium is the Paul Brown Stadium. The NFL team in Pittsburgh is called the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers were founded in 1933. Their stadium is currently called Heinz Field. I have been to many Steelers and Pirates games in Pittsburgh at their respected stadiums. Unfortunately, I was only able to visit outside of the Reds and Bengals Stadiums. The reason for this is because the only reason we went down to the city was for a Segway Tour that took us all around Cincinnati. One very big difference between the sports in the two cities is that Pittsburgh has an NHL (National Hockey League) called the Pittsburgh Penguins. They...
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