pitmen painters

Topics: The Pitmen Painters, Northumberland, Broadway theatre Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: January 17, 2014

The Pitman Painters

written by Lee Hall (author of „Billy Elliot“), inspired by a book by William Feaver story about the journey of a group of Ashington miners discovering that they too have the right and the ability to make art  decide to do an art appreciation class

within a few years, this group of Ashington miners, a dental mechanic and a professor from Newcastle University become celebrated in the British art world  evolve from a group of uneducated working men into an exceptionally creative group of artists the Pitman Painters start having exhibitions, painting phenomenal paintings, becoming acknowledged by the art world and yet remain miners setting: the action takes place in Ashington, Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, London and Edinburgh between 1934 and 1984 the play had its premiere at Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne, in September 2007 opened in the Cottesloe Theatre, in May 2008

transfer to the National Theatre, UK tour in 2009
a Broadway production opened on 30 September 2010 and played a limited run until December 2010 the Pitman Painters opened in London's West End in October 2011, where it continues to run at the Duchess Theatre the play was also performed in Canada as well as in Argentina in 2012 in 2013 the group had a second tour around the UK

the Pitman Painters has received huge critical acclaim at the National Theatre and on Broadway won the Evening Standard Award for Best New Play

the principal cast is unchanged since the play’s premiere
George Brown: Deka Walmsley
Oliver Kilbourn: Christopher Connel
Jimmy Floyd: David Whitaker
Young Lad: Brian Lonsdale
Harry Wilson: Michael Hodgson
Robert Lyon: Ian Kelly
Susan Parks: Lisa McGrillis
Helen Sutherland: Philippa Wilson
Ben Nicholson: Brian Lonsdale

director: Max Roberts
the Ashington Groups‘ collection is now in a museum in Newcastle upon Tyne: the paintings are viewable free at Woodhorn Museum near Ashington, Northumberland

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