Pitbulls Stereotyping

Topics: Dog, Pit Bull, Dog breed Pages: 3 (902 words) Published: May 24, 2011
`Pit Bull Stereotyping
Has anyone ever come in contact with a pit bull and felt fear that you were going to be attacked or mauled? I bet at least some of you have. I to was one of those people who thought I was going to be attacked, But after I owned a few I thought differently. Pit Bulls are banned in some state and counties because the government feels that it is the breed’s aggressive behavior is a threat, instead of the owners who made them that way. The pit bull breed has the stereo-type as being aggressive, but that is not true for all pit bulls .It is the way the dog was raised to be. Pit bulls are very loyal and caring pets if raised right.

Let me tell you about my first encounter with a pit bull/boxer mix. I went to the local animal shelter to get a dog for my children, I was going to surprise them a dog, so I actually adopted a Rottweiler, who by the way the shelter volunteers recommended would be a good dog because she passed all the tests they did on her for behavioral issues. Well I got her home and my kids came home from school. She was good with my daughters but went to attack my son, so needless to say she went back to the shelter which by the way broke my heart I don’t like seeing any animal in a shelter. So I brought my children with me the second time and we went through the shelter again. We saw this pit bull/ boxer mix he was so full of energy. And my son wanted him. We were told the he showed sign of aggression and not good with children, and was set to be euthanized the following day because they felt he would not make a good pet for anyone. I asked if we could take him in a pen to get to know him. The volunteer was against us doing it but let us anyway. We ended up adopting him and he never showed any sign of aggression toward us or any of our other animals that we had. All he gave us was love and loyalty for 10 yrs.

Since my first recue I have rescued three more pit bulls. Walking into a shelter and seeing the animal’s sad...
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