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Topics: Dog breed, Selective breeding, Pit Bull Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Should people be allowed to keep pit bull dogs? Pit bull dogs seem to come up in many news topics, and it always seems to be bad news. Nine times out of ten when a dog is in the news it seems to be bad mouthing pit bulls, the news never shows the good side to the breed, which there are a lot of good things about the dogs. As a owner and someone who know many people who own the breed, I strongly disagree. Every breed has the potential to be aggressive and will at some point have at least one instance that another breed will do something bad. I was skeptical about the breed when I was first given the puppy, but now I would never trade her for the world.

I do strongly believe that yes it is a breed that can be very aggressive, but I also strongly agree that it is how the breed is raised. Of course if they are raised in a hostile environment with dog fighting and beating, as well as many other breeds that yes they will be very aggressive and attack when they normally wouldn’t. I don’t believe it would be fair to band people from owning the breed who truly love and take care of them the way they should be, just as well as any other animal. I also believe that the people who get caught for animal cruelty do not have a harsh enough punishment. They get such a light punishment and so many people are in to dog fighting, that if they would get a harsher punishment that less and less dog fighting would happen, which in turn would lead to less dog aggression.

People who judge and make these comments about the breed have probably never even been around them or had a chance to see how loving these animals can be. And before anyone judges the breed they should take a good look at the people who these aggressive dogs come from.
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