Pirates Vrs. Ninjas

Topics: Pirates versus Ninjas, Ship, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: November 7, 2006
Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates scourge of the sea, ninjas assassins of the trees. Pirates rape and pillage and ninjas destroy villages. Why do I say this you ask? I say this because there is an obsession with pirates and ninjas. Well at least on the Internet there is an obsession. This argument, which is better, has been going on for close to ten years now. Let me begin by saying why I think the ninjas could take the pirates.

Pirates I will admit are fascinating to learn about. I mean think about it wouldn't you like to be in a pirates shoes. Raising the anchor and dropping sail and just sail to the closest cargo ship. Then you just take what ever you want from them and not having a care in the world about any one else. Pirates are known as the "thieves of the sea." If you really took a deep look at pirates then you would see they are not what Hollywood makes them out to be, at least no in any movie I have seen. Pirates are very dangerous people. They would kill any one or even any thing with out a care and sometimes with out a reason. Now tell me would you really want to be one of those people. You just have to ask yourself would you want to be a pirate? They also steal from people who make an honest living and that is wrong. How would you like to have everything you own taken away from you just because some one wants it? It comes down to the fact that they just don't care about anything except gold, sex, and themselves.

Now on the other hand you have the ninjas. These people have trained to kill without being seen or noticed. Unlike the pirates they don't like to have people suffer. When the have to attack they usually attack quick and deadly so as not to draw attention. When they do kill the usually have a reason. I am not saying that I condone killing but if you have to you should at least have a reason. I guess you could say that the pirates are somewhat sneaky considering that they use fog as a way of cloaking there ships. Now ninjas they could be...
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