piracy or theft

Topics: Theft, Property, Film Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: October 10, 2013
We all listen music, read novels, watch movies.Some of us do this rarely some of us often.But the main point is that; these kind of stuff are indispensable for most of us.But the way we do these things differ.Some can go to the cinemas and watch that movie while some download it from the internet and watch.But some people say that the second option is stealing.As the writer states in his essay you can not avoid this downloading process and i agree with that.I dont see this as stealing.This is the case that i will be discussing in my essay. Firstly; novels, movies, music are intellectual property and in my opinion these all are world heritage.These things can’t be private property of individuals.For instance music is made of sound waves and some abstract stuff such as this should not be limited.Furthermore music for example is a necessity for some people and when you listen many kinds of music it is hard to afford buying a lot of original CD’s.The same is valid for movies and books also.So according to me these things should not be a luxery.They are the things which cultivates us. Secondly;the punishments for this , if we assume this as a crime, are too heavy.To many people do this and just some of them get caught and they be the scapegoats.In my opinion these sentences are determined by the pressure of the recording companies more than the artists. To conclude for the reasons i mentioned above i do not agree that piracy is equal with stealing.

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