Piracy in the Philippines

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What types of CDs/DVDs are being sold in Quiapo?
* What is more in demand, local or foreign movies?
* What is the difference of the pirated CDs to original CDs cost?

What is the profile of people who sells pirated CDs/DVDs in Quiapo? * How much capital they spent to operate their business?
* How much is their income in selling CDs?
* How long do they spend their time selling CDs every day? * What are the reasons they engage themselves into this kind of business?

What is the profile of people who patronize pirated CDs/DVDs in Quiapo? * Who are the common customers of this product?
* What is the age range of the customers who patronize pirated CDs? * What is the life status of the people who utilize pirated CDs?

What’s its effect to the entertainment industry in the Philippines? What would be the effect of this scenario to the people in the legal Movie Industry? What would be the effect on the profit of the producers and in big screen?

How the government respond to this dilemma?
What are the necessary steps in order to eliminate this practice? What are the existing laws regarding this issue?

Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
This chapter contains the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study, scope and limitation and definition of terms.

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