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Excellence by Design at ASB – Update #1

What? For the past 18 months, ASB has been engaged in a deep, reflective process of student learning and the organizational aspects that support learning as part of the self-study process for the Middle States Association (MSA) accreditation.

Why Accreditation? Recognition by post-secondary institutions, differentiator for our school and to provides a framework for the process of reflection and improvement.

Why Excellence by Design? The Purpose of Excellence by Design is to provide a framework and process to guide the school’s efforts to achieve excellence in student performance and to achieve accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

In the Excellence by Design process, the Planning Team will be guided to develop answers to the following questions: By the time they have experienced our full educational program and services, what should our students know, and how should they be able to use what they know? What content, skills, and work habits should be the priorities for learning? What attitudes, qualities or characteristics should our students demonstrate? How well should students perform the desired outcomes, and what does excellent performance look like? How will we measure and evaluate our students’ performance in multiple ways? How well do our students currently perform? What is the actual quality of their work? What must we do to improve student performance?

Who has been involved and will continue to be part of this process? The ASB community: faculty and staff, parents and students.

When? During the week of October 13, a team of educators from around the world will visit our campuses to learn about our school, affirm our commitment to the MSA standards, and validate our plan for growth and improvement. This will be a time to celebrate our community of learners and share our goals for the future.

I look forward to sharing more with you as the visit...
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