Pip as a Gentlemen

Topics: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens, Abel Magwitch Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: September 18, 2009
Great Expectations, Dickens shows that society's view of a "good" man was skewed by outward considerations. Joe Gargery - poor, lower class, uneducated - represents a true gentleman, though society would shun him and consider him completely unimportant. A gentleman to the so-called important people would comprise someone of good breeding, family and education; nothing else was required (though wealth was always more than acceptable). Dickens shows the absurdity of this definition. As a contrast to Joe, you see someone who was considered a gentleman (and, thus, important) like Bentley Drummle: a brute, unkind and dishonest, rather stupid for all his education.

Part of the difference in how you feel after reading the book has to do with the fact that Dickens is showing real worth comes from intrinsic character with no regard to outward conditions. He shows that being a man of good character is the true definition of a gentleman and no wealth or standing in the world can make up for this quality. He also shows that developing character and attempting to behave honorably is a far more worthwhile goal than to strive for "things" and will ultimately lead to true peace and contentment.

There is much more, but these are some of the things I see in the story

Throughout most of the novel, it seemed that Joe remained compassionate to Pip, but Pip acted unfaithfully to Joe just because he felt embarrassed by his "father-figure. But if you think as money can make compensation to me for the loss of the little child. Joe also attempted to explain to Pip that the strict nature of Mrs. If Pip would have recognized and remained positive when Abel Magwitch revealed himself as his benefactor, Pip's attitudes about his life might have been optimistic and he would have had more self esteem to lead a comfortable life. In numerous occasions, when a person becomes wealthy, people tend to forget about people with lower wealth or esteem and completely disregard them. " Joe and Pip...
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