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Topics: Roger Waters, Meaning of life, Pink Floyd Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Estes 1

Samantha Estes
Mrs. Tillman
Pre AP English II
April 24th 2011

Pink Floyd has always been a favorite band of mine, and in this essay I will be analyzing a song by Roger Waters, the lead singer. Their lyrics mean a lot more than even some know, because they speak the truth about government and war. The song I will be analyzing is called “Perfect Sense,” which is also about the government. Obviously, Pink Floyd is an older band so they sang about old things going on in the World, but you see that some of the things going on now are the same. Tragedy is still very important to people, and people lose their innocence everyday to war, poverty, and life in general. It will probably always be this way, but I think it’d help if people heard these words, and realized they’re making fools of themselves. With the way we live, it makes sense why things are the way they are.

“Perfect Sense,” is two words that could have a lot of meaning behind them. The definition of perfect is accurate, exact, or correct in every detail. The definition of sense is to grasp the meaning of; understand. This song could mean things have started to become clear to the narrator, and overall make ‘sense.’ Reading and listening to this song gives you the clear meaning of the name. It makes perfect sense that life is tragic, because people and the government make it that way. The loss of innocence to war, and the things that have happened all because people and the government.

Estes 2
The narrator really shows how us as humans view the World as a way to make money and tragedy, instead of the importance of human life. Throughout these lyrics he talks about a monkey, which is a symbol for people that have lost their innocence to the governments mistakes, like war. The monkey is caught up in the greed and tragedy of humanity just like all the other people are caught up in the bad news of the World. It’s also known that the reason why we study history is so we do not repeat, but...
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