pineapple jello lab conclusion

Topics: Enzyme, Water, Pineapple Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: September 25, 2014
In our hypothesis we predicted that the enzymes in the pineapple will denature when the temperature is changed. The prediction was partly correct. Pineapples have special enzymes that denature gelatin molecules. Which is the reason why the pineapple and gelatin test tube remained filled with liquid, instead of turning into jelly which gelatin does when it’s molecules are not disturbed. Why our hypothesis was partly incorrect was lacked depth in that when changing the temperature by heating the pineapple to 40C it actually increased the speed and efficiency of the reaction taking place and increasing the amount of gelatin broken down by the enzymes in the pineapple, because increasing the heat also increases the processes of an enzyme. But once it hit a temperature high enough to completely alter the pineapple enzymes the results showed what we had predicted, the gelatin hardened because the pineapple's hydrogen bonds, that hold the enzyme together, broke and the enzyme unfolded, disrupting the overall structure of the protein. The substrate could no longer bind to the enzyme's active site, and the enzyme could not catalyze the reaction. Fresh Raw Pineapple enzymes actively broke down the gelatins molecules throughout all of its trials. When it was heated to 40C it increased the reaction and helped break down the molecules, and at 75C some of the enzymes in the pineapple began to denature but most of the enzymes remained intact and continued to break down the gelatin because the temperature was not high enough or the time heated was not long enough to denature. The Fresh Boiled Pineapple began at .03 percent because of the fact it was recently boiled and the enzymes were almost all completely denatured, but after cooling and then being heated to only 40C the reaction was sped up and the reaction of breaking down gelatin continued. But once the freshly boiled pineapple was heated to 70C all the enzymes that were left all became completely denatured, leaving 0...
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