Pine Valley Furniture’s Projects Initiated?

Topics: Project management, Management, Plan Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: March 20, 2012
1. How were Pine Valley Furniture’s projects initiated? What is the focus for each of the new systems? a. “Pine Valley Furniture’s projects were initiated by senior managers, business groups, IS manager, or steering committee. They are responsible for all the systems development projects that a business could undertake. Requests for information systems development can come from three key sources.” i. “Managers and business units who want to replace or extend an existing system in order to gain needed information or to provide new services to customers.” ii. “Information system managers who want to make systems more efficient, less costly to operate, or want to move a system to a new operating environment.” iii. “Formal planning groups that want to improve an existing system in order to help the organization meet its corporate objectives, such as providing better customer service.” b. The Project initiation focuses on activities that will help organize a team to conduct project planning. During the initiation, one or more analysts are assigned to work with a customer to establish work standards and communication procedures. iv. “The second activity, project planning, focuses on defining clear, discrete tasks and the work needed to complete each task. The object of the project planning process is to produce two documents: a baseline project plan (BPP) and the project scope statement (PSS). The BPP becomes the foundation for the remainder of the development project. It is an internal document used by the development team, clearly outlines the objectives of the project for the customer.”
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