Pilot: Water Resistant Pen

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Pilot: Water Resistant Pen
There is a large variety of products in the world that are being offered to the consumer to purchase and most, if not all cases, there is always a product, such as a pen, that is being produced by multiple companies. An advertising campaign should appeal to the audience and make it convenient for the audience. It should highlight the advantages that this product or company has compared to the other competitors. The image of a produce is also very important, you have to make quality products which require putting time and effort into what you are trying to pitch. Even having the right advertisement and image, it won’t mean anything to anyone if it isn’t marketed right, places like magazines, radio stations or even television programs. Even though an advertisement might be clear with the initial design, it has to diversify to wide range of people. I believe that my advertisement is affective because it is a quality brand that everyone knows. The advisement is simple but catches the reader’s attention without being puzzling or the use of tricks. It appeals to wide variety of audiences but doesn’t try to accommodate to everyone. Not everyone may be in a circumstance where water is present while they are writing but it doesn’t hurt to have that as a safe plan. My advertisement has been seen in all sources of media outlets and is commonly named. These products are of quality and they spend their money to please the consumer. The advertisement that is being analyzed is the advertisement on the Pilot water resistant pen. The paper advertisement shoes a picture of a finished bowl of soup, a spoon and a picture of a pen on the bottom right corner. The focal point of the ad is in the middle with a message saying “Well done! Now you can watch TV! Mummy” The ad uses a contrast of bright blue and dark colors that complement the bowl. The main emphasis is not because of how good the bowl of soup was or even parenting advice for making a child to...

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