Pill Bug

Topics: Biology, Armadillidiidae, Organism Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: February 1, 2012
The structural features of the pill bug allows it to have advantages over other organisms. The pillbugs multi-segmented body allows it to roll into a ball if it feels threatened or in danger in order to protect its self. Another advantage of have a multi-segmented body is it allows the pillbug to semi curl to flip its self back over if it is knocked down. The antennae is used to sense the environment around it, even if it is in ball shape form. The advantages of this is the pillbug will know whether or not it is safe to come out of its ball shape form, if it had been threatened earlier. The antennae also allows the pillbugs to send signals to one another, it is a source of communication between them. The color of the pill bugs can be extremely useful because they become hard to find when in its natural environment. Pillbugs are a dark grey color, since they live in dark places and in the soil, it becomes harder for them to be preyed upon. Every feature of the pillbug provides some sort of protection as well as advantages to the organism itself. The purpose of the experiment in part B is to maintain a control for the other experiments that would take place to the pillbugs. If it weren’t for this experiment there would be nothing to compare our experiments to the pillbugs to. I expected the numbers to be random since I wasn’t testing anything, I was just observing how they reacted to the light and the new environment. Since there wasn’t anything being tested I figured that the pillbugs would just be curious about the new environment that they were in, this new environment is what I believe caused their movement to be random. This randomness is what made my control and made it easy to compare it to the other data that was collected. After testing my hypothesis in part C, I found out that my conclusions did agree with my hypothesis. I had hypothesized that the pill bug would be drawn towards the dark since its natural environment is in the...
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