Pilgrims Progress Short Form

Topics: The Pilgrim's Progress, Protagonist, John Bunyan Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: February 28, 2013
TITLE: The Pilgrim’s Progress
AUTHOR AND © DATE: John Bunyan © 1678
MAIN CHARACTERS (a clear, concise description of each): Christian is the main character, he has a simple personality. He represents just one aspect of the human experience: the search for religious truth. He is his faith (hence the name) his motivation, the search for salvation in the celestial city, is the one aspect that clearly defines him. Apollyon is the antagonist, he has a physical irregularity that displays his evil. Apollyon is a hybrid being, part dragon, bear, human, and fish, the air associated with his wings, the fire linked with dragons and the earth that bears live on. These combination convey his immense power, suggesting that he draws power from all parts of the universe, his nature is complex, the exact opposite of Christians extreme simplicity. MINOR CHARACTERS (a clear, concise description of each): Evangelist- the messenger carrying the gospel, or the word of Christ, to Christian he spurs Christian on his journey to the celestial city. Obstinate- a neighbor of Christian in the city of destruction who refuses to accompany him. Pliable- A neighbor if Christians who accompanies him for a while. After falling though the slough of Despond , Pliable is discouraging and returns home, only to be mocked by the townsfolk. Help- Fellow pilgrim who helps pull Christian from the Slough of Despond. Worldly Wiseman- A reasonable and practical man whom Christian encounters early in his journey Worldly Wiseman tries unsuccessfully to urge Christian to give up his religious foolishness and live a content secular life. Formalist- A traveler whom Christian meets along the wall of Salvation. With his hypocrisy, Formalist sneaks over the wall, instead of following the straight and narrow as Christian did. Hypocrisy- Formalist’s travel companion

Discretion- One of the four mistresses of the Palace Beautiful. Discretion takes Christian and feeds him. Piety- one of the four mistresses of the...
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