Pilgrims First Thanksgiving

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The First Thanksgiving
I believe the first Thanksgiving revolved around the pilgrims and Native Americans who were known at the time as Indians. It did not become an annual festival immediately. This historical day was not called Thanksgiving Day at the time; it was later declared a national holiday in the early 1800’s by a one of the first presidents of the United States of America. The pilgrims suffered some devastation which lead them to a feast of thanksgiving with the Indians. The first Thanksgivings day was held during autumn, which connects the reason as to why Americans celebrate it in late November. The main purpose of the day was to give thanks for the feast and pray to God. In other words the entire feast was directed towards God. To the pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving was entirely religious. With the help of the Indians, the Pilgrims managed to disentangle themselves from religious persecutions which then lead them to a harvest festival known as the first thanksgiving held in Plymouth Rock. It is here where the first New England Colony was established. The first thanksgiving was held after the pilgrims made the voyage to America. The survivors of the quest lived to see the harvest festival. The local Indians who helped the Pilgrims during devastations were consequently invited and involved with the first thanksgiving feast as well. The first thanksgiving can be known as a harvest feast celebration or entirely a religious one strictly devoted to God.

Although the delight of Thanksgiving Day is nowadays celebrated indoors, the first thanksgiving feast was held outdoors. Part of the feast included turkey, corn, corn bread and cod as well as sharing. Sharing involved a give, take and receive scenarios. The feast continued on for more than a day. The first thanksgiving can be considered a clichéd event mainly because of the rewards of the harvest.

The first thanksgiving also regarded the peace resolution amongst the Native Americans and the...
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