Piggery Business Plan

Topics: Marketing, Management, Business Pages: 23 (6770 words) Published: November 27, 2012
University of Technology, Jamaica
Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Course code: ENT3001
Lecturer: Dr. Horace Williams
October 4, 2012
Group Members:
Garyann Robertson - 1105821
Nastassia Rowe-1101791
Adrean Dawkins-1103471
Oneika Robinson-1102703
Vancine Brown-1100550
Darain Harris -1104783

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Executive Summary| |
Industry Analysis| |
Definition of Market| |
Purpose Of the Business Plan| |
Business Feasibility| |
Justification Of the Business| |
Organization and Management| |
Human Resources| |
Operational Considerations| |
Marketing Arrangement| |
Financial Considerations| |
Implementation of Schedule| |
Appendices| |
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Executive Summary
The name of the business will be Argyle Mountain Piggery. In Jamaica rearing of animals for sale is a common business practice; many people enter into such ventures when quests for finding alternate employment prove to be futile. Most of these entrepreneurs do not recognize the immense potential such businesses have to succeed. The entrepreneurs of the proposed business realized an opportunity to build a profitable and successful pig rearing and selling business and took advantage of it. The decision taken to embark on such a business can prove to be most profitable; the entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity which is the demand for the product and will seek to supply the potential market with pigs and pork and collect the profits to be had. The business’s focus will be on the sale of live pigs and pork, it will be concerned with the breading and rearing of pigs for consumption. The product that the proposed business opts to sell will be live pigs, dressed pig carcasses and pig offal. The business established will be a partnership; the venture will have six co-owners all of which will be general partners. The finances will be shared among the partners as follows: Oneika Robinson will contribute approximately 40% of the capital needed to start the business as she possesses the collateral that is required to receive loans. She will in turn be the major shareholder of the business. The other 60% of the capital needed will be shared equally among the remaining partners Darain Harris, Nastassia Rowe, Adrean Dawkins, Vancine Brown and Gary- Ann Robertson. A lawyer will prepare a partnership deed that will outline the specifics of the contract. The business is a small private venture and has unlimited liability, each partner is fully liable for the debts incurred or profits gained. The business will be based in the rural district of Argyle Mountain located in the parish of Westmorland. The land on which the business will be situated was acquired from one of the partners, who is owner of the property. The small house on the property will be converted to a storage unit for feed needed for pig rearing. The property also has a nearby water source; water will be pumped to the pens for the pigs from this stream. This location is also secluded with no close neighbours; public nuisance from the operation of the business will be avoided. The entrepreneurs of Argyle Mountain piggery took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself on the market; explain. this business concept was developed out of the need for pork on the market. The entrepreneurs sort to address the demands for a reliable supply of pork as the competitors fail to satisfy this demand. The business is also situated at an opportunistic location close to the target market. The business, exemplary service and products will facilitate its growth and expansion. Once a market for a product a business produces is available the business has a good chance to succeed. What will determine the faith of the business is how it is managed and operated.

Definition of Business
The name of the proposed business will be Argyle Mountain Piggery. The business’...
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