Pig Dissection Lab report

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Wednesday 10/17/2012
In lab we received a fetal pig for dissection to be done over five lab sessions. We started off with an over view of the pigs anatomy noticing the snout, external nares, eye structure, pinnae, tongue, teeth, tail, three clove hands, and feet. We also identitified the sex of our fetal pig, and upon observation at the base of the umbilical cord we determined the sex was a male. The first part of our dissection involved reviewing the masseter muscle structure. We use a scalpel and started our cut at the base of the ear cutting until we reach the mouth. Then we went back to base of the ear cut up by the earlobe traveling the scalpel right below the eye to the mouth again giving the cut a triangular type cut. Once we pill off the layer of skin we located the masseter muscle plucking, and pilling at the structure for closer view. We also located and viewed the facial nerve which was a thin pale band like structure. Lastly with the use of a probe we pulled down and bend at the triangular cut site below the ear, and cut down slightly with the scalpel. We then used the probe to dig until we were able to expose the sub maxillary gland which was a tiny ball like structure. This concluded our dissection for the evening. Wednesday 10/24/2012

Today on our agenda was to observe the mouth structure of our fetal pig.We used scissor’s to cut the sides of the mouth cutting through the muscles, and the joint of the lower jaw so that the bottom jaw could be opened wider for a good view. Once we opened the mouth wide we were able to identify the soft palate, hard palate, nasopharynx, epiglottis, glottis, and the opening to the esophagus. Our second body region dissection of the night involved the neck, and thoracic site we first had totie the legs, and arms of our pig to the dissection pan to place it in a supine position with the use of rubber bands.With the use of the scalpel we begin cutting along the midline of the ventral surface of the pig from 1 1/2...
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