Piety and Holiness

Topics: Euthyphro, Plato, Piety Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Piety and Holiness
Derrick Aquino
PHI 200
September 17, 2012
Jerry Voltura

Piety and Holiness
Euthyphro and Socrates speak of the definition of piety, impiety, and holiness in their conversation with each other. Socrates is being prosecuted by Meletus for corrupting the young with his theories and arguments. Euthypro tells Socrates the story of how he prosecuted his father. His father left a man in a ditch and died of starvation. His father tells him that the man was a murderer anyway, but Euthyphro still prosecuted him. The argument stirs up when Socrates asks Euthyphro was is the difference in piety and impiety. From there Socrates moves from there Socrates moves from what is piety to what is piety to the Gods. They argue about Euthyphro’s answer that piety is what the Gods love and impiety is the opposite. Socrates then questions which is dear because they love or they love because it is dear. Socrates then compares that to holiness. Euthyphro says what the Gods love is holy but is it because of what they love or is a kind of love. The argument over holy took on the main position because the Gods accepting and loving something is holy and that meant what is pious and impious. According to Socrates is piety a part of holy or vice versa.

When Socrates asked Euthyphro what is piety and impiety, he answers back with examples but it is not accepted by Socrates. Euthyphro says “Piety is doing as I am doing; that is to say, prosecuting anyone who is guilty of murder, sacrilege, or of any similar crime,” (Plato, 380 B.C.E.) Socrates tells him that he did not explain the definitions of both but used examples. Socrates gives an example back that why his crime is being prosecuted for Euthyphro does not mind it. So Socrates uses an example of Zeus prosecuting his father for murder. Euthyphro then answers back that piety is what is dear to the gods and impiety is what is not dear to them. Socrates then responds with differences...

References: Plato, & Jowett, B. (n.d.). Euthyphro. Retrieved from http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1642
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