Pierre's Presentation of Homosexuality and Teenagers in Vernon God Little

Topics: Homosexuality, Adolescence, DBC Pierre Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Explore Pierre’s presentation of ideas concerning homosexuality and teenagers in Vernon God Little.

In the novel, ‘Vernon God Little’ by DCB Pierre we see the presentation of teenage life and also homosexuality through the characters of Vernon Little and Jesus Navarro. As the book was published eight years prior to us reading it, the views Pierre presents could be different to our own. Also, Pierre’s age and up bringing add to the way he portrays different aspects of life. I believe that in ‘Vernon God Little’ Pierre presents teenagers as rude, bad mannered and impatient and homosexuals in a negative light.

We are introduced to Vernon’s character whilst he is in prison. Pierre’s lexis tells us straight away that Vernon is a teenager as ‘Don’t even try to guess who stood all Tuesday night in the road. Clue: snotty ole Mrs. Lechuga’ page 1. The colloquial language creates a sense of childishness, which is enhanced by the insults describing Mrs. Lechuga. The word ‘ole’ suggests that Vernon believes everyone to be old in contrast to him. This is shown throughout the novel as Pierre repeats the insult. Also, Pierre’s use of the colon represents how Vernon did not wait for an answer, but instead carries on his trail of thought, pointing towards an impatient nature which is associated with teenagers.

This technique is shown again on the same page when Vernon is thinking back to ‘that ole black guy who was in the news last winter’ page 1. This story is also used to show Vernon’s discomfort in his current situation. Pierre cleverly uses the story so Vernon can avoid talking about his own situation, as if ignoring it will make it disappear. This can be linked with Jesus’ philosophical question to Vernon at the end of chapter two ‘that if things don’t happen unless you see them happening.’ page 18. This signifies teenage attitude as they are both trying to shift the guilt and the blame- Jesus with the massacre he commits and Vernon with the fact he is wrongly...

Bibliography: Pierre, DBC, Vernon God Little, 2003 FF Faber
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