Pied Beauty - Gerard Manley Hopkins

Topics: Love, Emotion, Gerard Manley Hopkins Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: May 6, 2013
In Pied Beauty, Gerard Hopkins vividly portrays his love of things that are not perfect by his choice of words, his use or imagery and alliteration.

One way that Hopkins vividly portrays his love of imperfections by his choice of words. For example "For rose-moles all in stipple upon trout that swims;" by that Gerard Hopkins said that the moles on the trout's body or scales that he compared with a beautiful rose. We all know that moles sometimes can be ugly and hideous, but to Hopkins - he said otherwise. For he saw the trout with moles have a beautiful rose-flowering moles painted all over them. Another example of Hopkins love of things that are not perfect is "Landscape plotted and pieced ..." Here Gerard tells us that whatever landscape, old or new, plotted tidily or not, he still sees their true beauty beyond every buildings foretold. Hopkins have a rare eyes if he could see how amazing, beautiful and inspiring things are, and for that he praise Him. He praise God for the all kinds of imperfections. Because imperfections may have their own kind of perfections.

In addition, Gerard Hopkins portray a strong emotion of love of things that are not perfect is by his use of imagery like brinded cow, rose-moles, skies of couple-colorr, fresh-firecoals and many others. Gerard uses "For skies of couple-color as a brinded cow;" in his poem which explains that he imagines and also tells us to imagine with him and compare the white fluffy clouds in the high sky with a black, brown and white cows in the farms/barns down below. We all can see from our window or buildings, not all skies are clear and not all cows are plain as an untouched canvas. Although some may tell that skies with clouds or cows with patches of different colors are not very beautiful or relaxing but Hopkins successfully sees that. And i can see that. Something that plain is boring, unenthusiastic and simply not fun. Skies that clears as blue canvas or cows with only a color on them can make me...
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