Picturing a Sustainable Society

Topics: Global warming, Coal, Natural environment Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 27, 2013
“Picturing a sustainable Society” of Lester R. Brown is talked about the problem of our today world and give some possible ways to change in the future which is called “new version of the future”. So he proves how present societies are not sustainable with the definition of sustainable society and some fact information of today world in an example about the fossil fuel and climate change. In addition, he also gives the efforts to understand sustainable leads to problems and from those problems, he gives an overall global plan. On the other hand, he also gives us a lot of information and example about the damage of environment and economic problem like the world have to be sustainable in within the next 40 years, what makes the global warming and reduces it by using some kind of new technologies, and how to using the fossil fuel in a suitable way and reduce global carbon production which changes the climate. To reduce to use the fossil fuel, using other kind of energy is better like solar and nuclear energy, but nuclear energy also has some disadvantages like use it to make the nuclear weapons and it is dangerous for human-being. The world is not sustainable not only in the environment problem but also in society, high birth rate and the explosive makes some big trouble for a sustainable society and having some ways to decrease the population like low birth rate like what China and Thailand did and try to have only 8 billion in 2030. Sustainability society is also depends on our responsibility because each person around the world makes the big society. If we always keep this value and don’t change it for our other generation, our efforts cannot be able to success, but want to change everything to make a sustainable society is not easy, but everyone tries and expects a better future. In summary, this describes some ways to build a society last longer and sustainable.
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