Picture: Victim and Ultrahigh Spec Laptops

Topics: Victim, Video game, Laptop Pages: 2 (1159 words) Published: May 23, 2014
Mystery story
It was an ordinary day with my two close friends, Adam and Matt. As always after school we all came over to my place for dinner, then go downstairs into my gaming room. Three desks with three really comfortable office chairs. We all had ultrahigh spec laptops and we all just got new surround sound headsets for Christmas. We spent hours on our laptops playing video games together on a daily basis. But this one day right after New Year something unordinary and unforgettable started happening. Our New Year’s holiday was coming to an end, we only had a few days left to spend a lot of time gaming. We spent some money and bought a huge amount of snacks, enough to last for three days. We headed towards our gaming room and spent our days there. We didn’t see sunlight for two days straight. Enjoying our time with our new headsets playing call of duty together, laughing together and getting mad at the game, we finally decided to take a break. As always Matt would go on his email to check if his family for overseas emailed him. Many of his cousins enjoy video gaming as well so we invite them every now and then to our only party. An email appeared subjected “Boo”. As anyone else would do Matt just deleted it assuming it was spam. After a few hours of gaming he decided to check his email again and saw the same email. Out of curiosity he opened the email but not much appeared, just a blank page with a small message “Boo”, it didn’t really make sense to him so asked us to check it out. Adam and me just laughed and cracked funny jokes with him about his End. He shut down his laptop and headed back home. The next day, we all returned to our laptops but Matts laptop was open and on already. We assumed Matt forgot to shut it down and close it but he was sure of himself that he did. He asked if one of us go on it but we both shook our heads and said no. Matt sat down on his chair laying his hands on his laptop, realising there was an extra folder on his desktop. The...
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