Picture of Waterfall Description

Topics: Horizon, Rainbow, Sky, Debut albums, Rain, Liquid / Pages: 2 (306 words) / Published: Nov 17th, 2010
The water was the clearest thing in the world. You could see through it as if it were a piece of glass. The water slid down smoothly as it fell, having no problems with the giant drop. The sleek sapphire descent was simply staggering to observe. Each drop of water fell with its own clarity, making a vast splash upon the level surface below. The waterfall was a clear sky leading up to a downpour. The giant spray from below was reaching up towards the sky in order to touch it. Never before have I seen anything as magnificent as this scene. The drop downward was drenching, dripping, and dousing to those daring enough to look at it. The onslaught of water was like a cascade of never-ending rain. Though, it can seem a bit overwhelming, the view is one of the most breathtaking ever seen. Every rock protruding out made the water grasp for something in the distance as it fell out of the sky. The splashes emerging out of the water was steam coming off the ground on a cold day.
The clouds covered the clean cobalt color soaking the sky. The clouds were small puffs of cotton floating in the sky. They floated in the sky, making the picture that much better than it was before. The air was vacant of birds as the noise ear-shattering. Every glimpse of the sky was like a pathway to another land in the way that it shone through. It glowed with an amazingly bright light that couldn’t be compared to anything else. The horizon was a never-ending line that followed the water in unison. The sky and the water met along the edge of nothingness. The simplest thing in the picture has become like the most superb stroke on a

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