Picket Fence Free Fall Lab

Topics: Acceleration, Velocity, General relativity Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Purpose of Experiment: The purpose of this experiment of to measure the velocity and acceleration due to gravity of a picket fence and to verify the acceleration due to gravity using the picket fence with Logger Pro and Photogate. Data:

Trial # 1 2 3 456
Slope (m/s^2)9.809.789.879.779.849.83
Accel. g

Acceleration (m/s^2)9.779.879.82

Acceleration due to gravity, g9.82+/- 0.10 m/s^2
Precision1.018 %

Sample Calculations:
To get the average acceleration, you take the minimum and maximum accelerations and divide by 2. 9.77 + 9.87 = 19.64
19.64/2 = 9.82
In order to find the precision, take the difference between the minimum and maximum accelerations (0.10 m/s^2) and divide that with 9.82 (the average acceleration). After you take that result and multiply by 100. 0.10/9.82= 0.01018

0.01018 X 100 = 1.018 %
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Preliminary questions:
1.The additional information I need to determine the average speed of the Picket Fence as it moves through the Photogate is the amount of time need to go through it. 2.If an object is moving with constant acceleration, the shape of its velocity vs. time graph is a linear line. 3.The initial velocity of an object does not have anything to do with its acceleration due to gravity. Analysis Questions:

1.The minimum, maximum, and average values for acceleration are in the data table. 2.The shape of the position vs. time graph for free fall would be a parabola because the velocity increases. 3.The shape of the velocity vs. time graph is a linear line. It is not a parabolic shape like that of the position vs. time graph because the acceleration is constant which means a straight line of the velocity vs. time graph. 4.Results in table

5.Percentages in the data tables.
6.The accepted value for g (gravity) is 9.8 m/s/s, and all the calculated accelerations from the first six runs are within. 7....
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